Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Breakfast Quinoa

We have been hearing it for year. Breakfast is the most important meal of the day. I know many people who will bypass breakfast for a big cup of jo and hold out for lunch. I am not one of those people. I need breakfast. Farm fresh eggs, crispy bacon, creamy hollandaise and a plethora of reasons to eat pastries what’s not to love about breakfast. While I wish I could eat eggs benedict every morning I don’t have the time to be whipping up fresh English muffins and hollandaise every morning. My skinny jeans also thank me.

I have been on the hunt for a quick and easy breakfast that is packed with protein that doesn’t require me to make a mess of the kitchen and can be thrown together as I head out the door to work. So today, I give you breakfast quinoa! The first time I attempted this recipe I wasn’t expecting much. I ended up loving it so much I refined the recipe and made it again for lunch! The quinoa is cooked in almond milk, brown sugar, and a dash of vanilla to give you a slightly sweet, protein packed bowl of goodness. Top it with your favorite seasonal fruit and nuts and you have yourself a delicious and easy to make well-balanced breakfast. I like to make a big batch of quinoa at the beginning of the week so I can throw my breakfast together in under 5 minutes.
The players.

1 cup quinoa
2 cups almond milk
2 tbsp brown sugar
1 dash vanilla
Seasonal fruit and nuts

Combine quinoa, almond milk, brown sugar, and vanilla into a pot with a lid. Bring to boil and then lower to a simmer. Let simmer for 20-25 minutes, until all the liquid is absorbed. Serve in a bowl and top with your favorite seasonal fruits and nuts (I love bananas, slivered almonds, and a dash of almond milk).

What are your favorite topping for breakfast quinoa? 

Sunday, October 6, 2013


I must once again thank my lucky stars because I’m writing this from the tropical paradise of Hawaii. I’m here for work and I’ve had to pinch myself every morning because coming to Kona for the Ironman World Championships is something I have wanted to do since I got started in the sport. While the work days are long and hot I have loved seeing the Kona sites and feeling the World Championship vibe. I love being around so many other TriGeeks and letting my tri-freak-flag fly. My coworkers think I’m a little crazy because every time we pass a pro I start rattling of their stats and their likely hood of winning the race. #trigeekproblems

The highlights so far this trip have been the numerous trips to Da Poke Shack (pronounced Poke-E), and swimming about a mile of the race course. The swim course is absolutely stunning. The waters are crystal clear and you get to look at lots of little fishies as you swim. With each stoke it became come and more clear what an incredible race it is, and that one day I’m going to have to be on the start line.

The view from Dig Me Beach. 
Da Poke Shack you say? After my first bight of the “Shack Special” I decided I needed to befriend these guys. Da Poke Shack is a small unassuming store font on Ali’i Drive that offers up the best ahi tuna I have ever had. It is caught fresh daily (like I watch the guy cut it off the fish) and there are a handful of different seasonings you can choose from. It’s serviced in a small to-go container with a scoop of ride and choice of side, I’ve been munching on the seaweed salad all week. Its healthy, delicious, filling, and I literally dreamed about it last night. I can’t get enough Poke.

Poke goodness!

Sunday, September 22, 2013

Dream Big.

Long drives, like the one I did to Interbike, give me a lot of time to think (and sing). Probably more time than is good for a person. Nevertheless, I spent a fair amount of time reflecting on the last year. Where I have been, how hard I fought, and the big decisions I made. It wasn't an easy year but in the end everything turned out OK. Actually more than OK, and I thank my lucky stars for that every day.

One of the things I realized was that I have spent the last year living in survival mode while I job hunted, moved, adapted to a new lifestyle and career. It was kind of exhausting and I only had the energy to live one day at a time. Now that my life has settled down (a bit) I've decided it’s time to start dreaming again. So I set 3 goals: 1 person, 1 professional, and 1 athletic.

How I feel when I set goals. 

I've learned that setting goals keep me focused and reaching for more. Some of my goals will be achieved more quickly, and others may change or evolve over time. It’s OK, as long as you keep fighting. This time around I’m going big, and I suggest you do too.

What are your big dreams?

Saturday, September 21, 2013

Running to Interbike

Specialized does this crazy thing where they invite a handful of our dealers and employees to ride their bikes from our warehouse in Salt Lake City to Interbike in Las Vegas, Nevada. They ride over mountains, across deserts, and through pouring raining to ultimately collapse 6 days and 600 miles later in the drive way at Mandalay Bay. Sounds awesome, right? I couldn't agree more.

Running on Mars... or in St. George
I don’t have the chops to pull off a ride like this (yet), but I enjoyed a similar adventure as I ran my way to Interbike. Ok, I didn't run every. single. mile. like the kooks on bikes did, but I did get in a freaking sweet trail run at each stop along the way.
By the numbers:
1-muddy tumble
2- Runs in the rain
3- States visited
4- Trails ran
5+ times I thanked my lucky stars I have such an awesome job
17- Mile Ran

Snow Canyon, St. George, Utah

Turns out this was a great way to get my run legs back, and the perfect way to kick start my training for the Monterey Bay Half Marathon in November!

Snow Canyon, St. George, Utah

Where I ran:
Boulder, Colorado: Wonderland Lake
Snow Basin, Utah: Green Pond Loop
St. George, Utah: Snow Canyon State Park

Las Vegas, Nevada: Lake Mead State Park

Saturday, July 20, 2013

Bicycles in Vogue.

Brooke Shields and Willy McCarty
Photograph by Patrick Demarchelier, Vogue, December 1987.
Cat Blanchett
Photographed by Annie Leibovitz, Vogue, Demeber 2004.

Jourdan Dunn and Anna Jagodzinska
Photographed by Steven Meisel, Vogue, February 2009.

Shalom Harlow
Photographed by Arthur Elgort, Vogue, February 1993.

Caroline Trentini and Karlie Kloss
Photographed by Steven Klein, Vogue, September 2009.
I’m loving these images from the Vogue archive shared with me by my dear friend the Mississippi Maven. I’m sure I look just as chic as Brooke Shields does when I’m riding. Obviously.  

Friday, July 19, 2013

What's Cookin' Good Lookin'?

The last couple of weeks work has kept me close to home, which means I've been back in the kitchen and spending some quality time on my beloved Ruby! This is what has been keeping me fueled as I've returned to a life of long rides and double days.

I took these beet stacks with goat cheese over to my neighbors for a BBQ and they were a huge hit! They came together in a snap and they were devoured by all. Even the little two-year-old love them. 

I was given a bushel of fresh basil the other day and this recipe was just begging to be made. Ricotta, basil, honey... heaven on a slice of bread. 

Breakfast on the weekends is one of my favorite meals. I whipped up these skillet eggs with zucchini one morning after KP returned from a long trip on the road. The zucchini kept the breakfast nice and light but provided plenty of fuel for the day of mountain biking we had planned. 

I've been on a bit of a meatball kick lately. KP has been on the road and meatballs have provide to be a perfect dinner when I'm flying solo. I make a batch on the weekend and then heat them up and throw a fried egg on them and eat them all week for dinner. These turkey meatballs stuffed with blue cheese and topped with raspberry-balsamic glaze are my favorite so far.