Chocolate Endurox Froth

It has been 3 months since I did Ironman and I’m just now finally getting the itch to get back to training. I liked the idea of not letting all that fitness go to waste but after a year of being so focused on training and Ironman I quickly got distract with things like sleeping in, long video chats with the BFF’s, and deep frying chicken. Oh, how quickly our priorities change.

2.5 hours of car free riding on the Rillito River Path.

Today I hopped on my bike around 9:30am for 2.5 hours of blissful easy riding along the Rillito and Santa Cruz River paths. By the time I got home around noon I was famished and dripping with sweat (temps are still in the 90's here). I needed calories, and I needed them 20 minutes ago. So, I whipped up my favorite post workout recovery drink that was the carrot luring me home on so many of my long, hot, Ironman training runs. My Chocolate Endurox Froth!

Backside of the Santa Catalina Mountains. 

This recipe really isn’t anything-special just water, ice, and Endurox, but when I started making it in the Vita-Mix (or any electric blender) instead of a blender bottle it was mind blowing.  The results are icy cold, chocolate, frothy goodness that I can gulp down in 10 second flat. I just love how it is light and refreshing but still chalked full of protein. It gives me just enough energy to get cleaned up and prepare a proper recovery meal.

Enjoy and happy training!


Ingredients- makes 1 giant glass
5 ice cubes
2 cups water
3 scoops chocolate Endurox

Put all ingredients into blender. Blend on high until all ice is crushed, about 30 seconds. Poor in glass and enjoy! 


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