Big Island Dreams

October is a great month. Why? One word. Kona.

No, I’m not going to Kona, Hawaii, but as I write this thousand of anxiety ridden, type-A, spandex loving, endurance freaks are packing their bags to head to the Super Bowl of triathlon. The Ironman World Championships. As if Ironman wasn’t hard enough lets throw in some extreme heat, humidity, and howling winds and we have ourselves a real world championship sufferfest.

Racing on the Big Island is still a distant dream for me. A dream that nonetheless lingers in the strange part of my brain where racing 140.6 miles in a day sounds like fun. So today I sit here dreaming about what gear I would be packing up if I were on my way to Kona. 

Blue Seventy’s PZ3TX swim skin to swim like a Mako shark.  

 Betty Design's Signature Race Kit. Look good, feel good, race good.

Felt Bicycle’s DA4W with Shimano Di2. Drool.

Zipp 404 Firecrest Carbon Clinches, the easiest gear choice to make.

Kask’s Bambino Aero Helmet. This petite aero helmet makes a lot more sense for long distance racing compared to others on the market.
Sidi T3 Carbon Tri Shoe, because handmade Italian leather shoes are appropriate for all occasions. 

Hot pink Oakley Women's Radar Edge to match my racing kit.

Saucony Kinvara 3’s, I ran my first marathon in the Kinvara 2’s and didn’t get a single blister or lose a toenail.
Clearly these shoes are magical.
 Garmin’s 910XT. Let's be real, what triathlete doesn't love gadgets.  

Zoot Sport’s Ultra Tri Transition Bag for my sherpa to carry all my stuff. 

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  1. Misery loves company. I won't be in Kona either. Maybe next year though. Totally with you on the Zipp 404 CC and Garmin 910xt!!


    Thomas Gerlach
    Professional Triathlete