I Believed in Leanda Cave

Did you watch the Ironman World Championships? I did, and I was absolutely glued to my computer for the entire nine hours, fifteen minutes, and 54 seconds of the women’s pro race. That’s a long time I know, but my pick Leanda Cave (and Tucson local) was kicking ass the whole time!

Coach Siri Lindley gives Leanda splits along the Queen K. 

The day did not lack in drama that’s for sure. There were plenty of penalties, bonks, and crashes to keep me on the edge of me seat. There is a great recap of how the women’s race played out here.

Leading up to the race there was a lot of trash talking going on in our little casita. I had my money firmly set on Leanda (for the last 365 days I might add), and KP had his money on the 2010 champ, MirindaCarfrae.  The stakes were set and whoever lost had to wash the other persons car. Well, guess who won…

You got it! Leanda Cave!

Thank goodness, because my car is filthy!  

Check out my favorite pictures from the Ironman World Championship on my Pinterest board

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