Kona Picks

Race day is almost upon us, so it’s time to ante up and place your bets for the Ironman World Championship podium. This years women’s race will play out a little differently with 4x world champion Chrissie Wellington absent from the start list, and the women’s crown up for grabs. On the men’s side we have the return of 2 x world champ Chris McCormack going up against his rival 3x world champion Craig Alexander. 

So, who’s going to win? It’s hard to tell. When you are racing 3 disciplines for 140.6 miles, in a day that takes over 8 hours really anything can happen. Like having a tree fall on you, get attacked by an otter on the swim, or riding 90 miles in your own poopAnything!

Here are my top 5 picks for the Ironman podium:
Leanda Cave
Leanda is one of the most decorated athletes in the sport
and is eager to add the final jewel to her crown. 
Caroline Steffan
Steffan's won Ironman Melbourne earlier this year and has
performed consistently all season.
Mirinda Carfrae
The 2010 Ironman World Champion is eager to regain her crown. 
Meredith Kessler
Meredith added 3 Ironman wins to her name this year,
does she have energy for one more? 
Linsey Corbin
With a revamped swim and new Kona lead up plan Corbin may have
finally cracked the Kona code. 
Chris McCormack
With his rediscovered short course speed Macca will
be hard to catch on the Queen K. 
Craig Alexander
As the consonant professional, Crowie is an
excellent big day racer. 
Andreas Raelert
As one of the fastest marathoners in the race I won't be surprised to see
him run his way onto the podium. 
Faris Al-Sultan
How can you not cheer for the guy in a speedo!
Jordan Rapp.
Rapp is no stranger to Ironman and 2012 marks his Kona debut. 

Happy racing to everyone on the Big Island tomorrow! 
Remember: Funner is Faster. 


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