Do you have a turkey carcass and vat of cranberry sauce sitting in your fridge? Here are some of my favorite snacks that will put your Thanksgiving leftovers to good use. 

Turkey and Cranberry Vinaigrette Salad from The Craving Chronicles.

Substitute the chicken for turkey in my Tucson Black Bean Soup.

Turkey Lettuce Wraps from Eat, Live, Run. 

The Pioneer Woman's Turkey Spring Rolls. 

Paula Deen's Turkey Pot Pie. 

I can't wait to share my less-than-traditional Thanksgiving feast with you!
Sunset Magazine

A beautiful morning on the bike, followed by an afternoon in the kitchen. 
I have so many things to be thankful for. 
How did you earn your turkey today?

California was wonderful...

My best friend got married. I secured TWO jobs. I caught up with friends. I went on an incredible 9 mile run through vineyards. I spent a whole day cooking. I enjoyed warm fires. I broke my toe. I wore a tiny hat. I ate farm fresh eggs. 
I enjoyed every minute of it. 

And, guess what? I'm moving back to California next week! 
I have my mother's beautiful kitchen to myself tomorrow. What shall I make...

Cilantro quinoa soup

Red wine braised short ribs

Baked mac n cheese with kale and bacon

Brie and bacon grilled cheese sandwich with fig jam

Crispy baked parmesan green bean fries

I think I'll just make it all!

Hello from 10,000 feet! I am currently headed home to my beloved state of California for a 10-day, action packed trip around northern California. Stops will be made in Yountville, Monterey, San Francisco, and Sacramento and I am thankful to visit so many of my favorite parts of the state. Especially since fall is one of the most beautiful times of year in Nor Cal! Here are just a few of things I can’t wait to do.

Monterey, CA

I can’t wait for….

The wedding of my dear friend, the Mississippi Maven, Miss. Caitlin Campbell Fourchy to Mr. Paul Perkins Quinn at our old stomping ground.

My two long runs planned along the Monterey Bay and the American River.

Fall weather, and clothing. I finally get to bust out my running tights!

Three birthday celebrations.

Making a mess in my mom's kitchen.

Long catch up sessions with my girlfriends over bottles of wine.

Can't wait to see some of these lovely ladies! 
PS. How cool is wifi on airplanes?!?!
Exercise your right (and left). Picture via Saucony. 

Happy Election Day! Get out there and swim, bike, or run your way to the poll.
Stand up for what you believe in. It's your right. 

I’ve been running a lot lately. Which means a lot of time with my thoughts. Most of the time I’m thinking about maintaining good running form (lean forward, don’t heel strike!), what I’m going to eat after my workout (mmm bacon), or what the hell I’m going to do with my life (how can I make lots of money without working too hard). Some days, during those longer runs, my thoughts go a little deeper.

Rillito River Path
Yesterdays run took me on a slow, 8-mile cruise along the Rillito River Path. This is the furthest I have run since June, and let’s just say the first 4 miles were ugly. I trudged along wondering what in the world I was thinking trying to get ready for a half marathon on only 6 weeks of focused training. Then around mile 4 something magical happened… my legs showed up and I was flying.

Oh that’s right, I’m an endurance athlete! I’ve spent the last 3 years training my body to race between 70-140 miles. 4 miles is merely a warm-up for this little machine of mine! As I dashed down the river path feeling a little like Kara Goucher, I thought about how strange it was that I have become an endurance athlete. This really wasn’t my master plan, just a logical progression through the sport of triathlon, followed by a couple of impulse purchases (Thanks Dad). Now all of sudden I think it’s a good idea to run a marathon after riding 112 miles, I wear brightly colored compressive knee socks in the hopes my legs will be a little less fatigued the next day, and a 9pm bed time at age 26 has become all to common. THAT’S NOT NORMAL PEOPLE, but I’m OK with it.

A lot of people don’t get it, and I don’t expect them to. They roll their eyes when I head home early, or are relieved when I finish another race thinking that it will finally be my last. So sorry folks, but this habit isn’t going anywhere. So for now I will continue to log my miles, wear too much lycra, and swap war stories with the other endurance wackadoos because I love it, and I love how it makes me feel.

…and I mean, how else am I supposed to justifying that slice of chocolate banana cream pie I had for breakfast?!
mmm pie :)
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