A Belated Thanksgiving Post.

Thanksgiving seems like months ago, but I promised to share my unusual selection of recipes. So, better late than never! KP and I enjoyed a quiet Thanksgiving with just the two of us amongst a sea of packing boxes. I have pinned a ton of deliciously looking fall recipes and I was determined to try a few of them for the holiday.

The Thanksgiving Day Players.  
First off, there is no such thing as a “small turkey.” The man at the grocery story found this to be quiet the humorous question and told me what I was looking for was called a chicken. Touché Mr. Grocery Man. So, I settled on my favorite roast chicken. It never disappoints.

The side dishes are always what I look forward to most and this year I must say I knocked it out of the park. I made Eat, Live, Run’s chipotlemashed sweet potatoes and Brussels sprouts with bacon, dried cranberries, and Israeli couscous. Both were absolutely delicious and a fun twist on Thanksgiving classics. The raspberry Tabasco added complexity to the sweet potatoes and made them a very dynamic dish.  I can also see myself making the Brussels spouts over, and over again. There was a great contrast of textures and flavors, and it also held up very well for leftovers.

The showstopper was without a doubt the cornbread. I had been craving Bandera’s cornbread for weeks, and it finally dawned on my to see if Lord Google could dig up the recipe. I was delighted to find numerous copycat recipes and the one I used turned out perfectly! This is a VERY dense, rich and moist cornbread. I was also very happy to find one last bag of roasted Hatch green chilis in the freezer to make this dish extra special.

Now I want to have Thanksgiving all over again! 


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