It has been a busy week. Moving, unpacking, organizing, driving, settling, photo shoot.

Photo shoot?!

A couple of months ago Stephanie, the editor at Freeplay Magazine approached me to see if I would be interested in being their ‘In The Kitchen’ feature for the May/June issue. I of course said yes! Freeplay is a women’s endurance sports magazine that you can find in print at activewear retailers or online (both for free!). I will be revealing one of my absolute favorite recipes in the issue so you all will have to check it out!

Stephanie and Sean swung through Morgan Hill on their way down to Oceanside 70.3 to snap a few pictures for the magazine. Enjoy the sneak peak from my 'In The Kitchen' feature in Freeplay! 

All photos by Sean Dulany, Freeplay Magazine

Somebody, please pinch me. I can't believe it but I’m on the move again! I loved living in the Napa Valley, but I quickly realized that the hospitality industry was not someplace I could see myself long term. I missed bikes. I missed the triathlon and cycling industry. I wanted back in.

I came across the perfect job on the first company’s employment page I checked. When does that ever happen?! Then, less than 24 hours after submitting my resume the stars started to align. Many, many, many hoops later I got the call and an offer to join the US events marketing team at Specialize Bicycle Components.


KP and I celebrated with cocktails and appetizers at Redd in Yountville. Holy moly, were the pork buns amazing! The pork was diced and coated in a sweet and crispy glaze, and was flavorful and tender on the inside. The rice bun was perfectly steamed and fresh out of the oven. I almost ordered another round they were so good. I washed it all down with a Panda. Ok, I had two. 

I can’t wait to see you all at the races! My first event is The Tour of Battenkill in Cambridge, New York! Here I go on another great adventure! 
I think we can all agree that after last weekend the off-season is officially over! With major races taking place literally all across the World my Twitter feed was abuzz with race updates, results, and congratulations all weekend long. I love pro’s who choose to challenge themselves this early in the season. They aren’t afraid to put themselves out there and struggle when they know they aren’t in tiptop fitness. They are out there because they love racing.

Meredith Kessler on her new Cannondale at Ironman New Zealand.
Pictures from Triathlete Magazine
Meredith Kessler returned to Ironman New Zealand and swam away with her second consecutive title, while showcasing her “I’m pretty much always in Ironman shape” expertise. The girl snatched up 3 Ironman Champion titles last year, and then wrapped things up with back-to-back Ironmans in Florida (4th) and Arizona (2nd). Seriously, she is an Ironman machine!

Heather Jackson getting ready to grab the tape at Escape from Alcatraz.
Picture via Lava Magazine.
Sarah Groff Tweeted this photo after the race.

Heather Jackson exited the refreshing waters of the Pacific Ocean and road like a bat out of hell making up 4 minutes on Olympian, Sarah Groff, at Escape from Alcatraz. Did I mention this was in a mere 18 miles and on the ├╝ber-technical streets of San Francisco? Poor Groffy bonked her head in some tiny pedestrian tunnel on the run and tried desperately to not let Ms. Jackson out of her sights and finishing only 29 seconds behind. She then went and got her head stapled back together.

Long course winner Melissa Hauschildt flew through the
city of Abu Dhabi on her Specialized Shiv.
Picture via Triathlete Magazine. 
In the Middle East, Abu Dhabi International Triathlon's pro list appeared noticeably shorter this year. I wonder if it has anything to do with pro, Andrew Starykowicz’s visit to Abu Dhabi prison last year due to a crashed at an aid station.  Hmm… anyways. Alistair Brownlee stepped up to the plate and took a stab at the 70.3ish distance race. Surprise. He won.  I’m sure the Olympic bronze medalist will have no problems playing in the big leagues. 

Can you tell I'm a little excited about triathlon season?!