No rest for the weary here! 36 hours after my return from Battenkill I was headed on down to Monterey, California for the Sea OtterClassic. Sea Otter is a 4 day racing extravaganza with events ranging from professional dual slalom (which I didn’t even know was a sport!) to a road and mountain bike grand fondo. There’s a little something for everyone at Sea Otter.

My top 5 moments from Sea Otter:
·         Giving Marianne Vos a high five, and her calling me a bad ass in her adorable Dutch accent (only because I called her one first).
·         Picking up bits of wisdom from Rebecca Rusch at her first stop on the Gold Rusch Tour. My girl crush just grew x10.
·          Having a quiet dinner at my most favorite restaurant in the whole-wide-world, Flying Fish Grill. They just celebrated their 20th anniversary, too!
·         Riding bikes through the campus of my high school and being offered dinner and tickets to the student play. The chocolate milk was better than I remembered!
·         Getting exposed to new sports. Downhill racing, dual slalom, bad ass BMXers… these kids are incredible!! 

I'm on my way back to the east coast for a quick road trip and Bike Expo New York


My first adventure with Specialized took me to Cambridge, NY for the Tour of the Battenkill. Battenkill is a brutal 64 mile road race through the hills of upstate New York and is considered one of the most difficult road races in the states. Throw in some dirt roads, near freezing temperature, and a few rouge snowflakes and you have yourself a real sufferfest. Ally Stacher of the super-bad-ass Team Specialized Lululemon was there and after riding off the front with Fortin Veronique of Pasta-Zara for 62 miles she took home second place and a jug of chocolate milk. Ally said it was one of the hardest races she has ever done, and this girl has done some gnarly racing in Europe! While the 2,000+ riders were out destroying themselves I huddled around a propane heater and chatted with people about bikes. It’s what I do best.