Sea Otter Classic

No rest for the weary here! 36 hours after my return from Battenkill I was headed on down to Monterey, California for the Sea OtterClassic. Sea Otter is a 4 day racing extravaganza with events ranging from professional dual slalom (which I didn’t even know was a sport!) to a road and mountain bike grand fondo. There’s a little something for everyone at Sea Otter.

My top 5 moments from Sea Otter:
·         Giving Marianne Vos a high five, and her calling me a bad ass in her adorable Dutch accent (only because I called her one first).
·         Picking up bits of wisdom from Rebecca Rusch at her first stop on the Gold Rusch Tour. My girl crush just grew x10.
·          Having a quiet dinner at my most favorite restaurant in the whole-wide-world, Flying Fish Grill. They just celebrated their 20th anniversary, too!
·         Riding bikes through the campus of my high school and being offered dinner and tickets to the student play. The chocolate milk was better than I remembered!
·         Getting exposed to new sports. Downhill racing, dual slalom, bad ass BMXers… these kids are incredible!! 

I'm on my way back to the east coast for a quick road trip and Bike Expo New York


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