I hate to admit it, but I don’t cook anymore… or blog for that matter. Two things I wish I had more time for. Event season is in full swing and my travel schedule these days has me home just long enough to do a load of laundry and repack my bag. I love the adventure but I do miss the conveniences of home. Like my slow cooker, soda stream, and juicer.

My last trip took me to Minneapolis for the Esprit de She Lakeville Duathlon- a killer all women’s luxury race series. If any of you ladies are looking for a fun triathlon, duathlon, cycle, or running race this summer check them out they have 15 races across the country! I’ve watched enough Food Network to know better than to lump Minneapolis in with the rest of the Midwestern stereotypes of BBQ and fried food, and sure enough I was not disappointed. Thanks to the recommendation of my food loving sales rep we ended up at the Blackbird Café on Nicollet Ave for dinner Saturday night. I heard someone refer to Nicollet at “food street” so I knew I was going to be in for a treat.

Cathy- Esprit de She Lakeville winner, Lindsey- Brand Director for Esprit de She,
 me, and Patti- my gracious host while in Minneapolis and National Director
of Lifetime Fitness Cycle Clubs. 

Blackbird Café is a hipsters paradise with a quiet and relaxed vibe (until 9pm), which was perfect after a long day of work. My waiter was a man of few words who rocked black nail polish and a tie with the tip cut off, and at 9pm the restaurant turned into a nightclub for “Blackbird Prom.” The menu covered all the trendy favorites including a pickle plate, beet and asparagus salad, Brussels sprout hash, and lamb meatballs. There were lots of things on the menu that caught my eye and I really had a hard time deciding despite my ravenous appetite.

Blackbird Café, Minneapolis, Minnesota. 
We started with the crispy duck rolls, and as with most duck dishes I was delighted. I don’t know what it is about duck but it just doesn’t seem like you can screw it up! I really enjoyed the sweet chili sauce with carrot shaving that accompanied it. For my main dish I had the spicy peanut Udon noodles with braised Berkshire pork, pork belly, and a sunny side up egg with a side of kimchi. I’m really obsessed with kimchi these days. Everything was very fresh, homemade and you could tell that the chefs really loved the food that they produce. If you are ever in the Minneapolis area I hope you check out the Blackbird Café!


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