The Scarf That Rocked My World.

After a year of spending 50% of my time on road, I’ve learned a thing or two about traveling. I breeze through security without violations or pat downs, I never pay for drinks at the airport or on a flight, and I’ve mastered the art of ‘get-shit-done’ while cruising above 10,000 feet. These my friends, are the acquired skills of a road warrior.

Recently I came across a product that I will now never travel without. My Vinyasa Scarf from lululemon. I learned long ago that traveling with some sort of large snuggly scarf was critical. It works as a blanket or pillow when I need to take a nap, it covers the stains on my shirt that I get from trying to consumer beverages on a bumpy plane, and most importantly I still look (ok, maybe just feel) cute when I get off the plane after a 14 hour travel day. All hail the scarf!

While browsing at lululemon at the Mall of America (seriously, that place is overwhelming and ridiculous) my hand brushed across a stack of these scarves. It stopped me in my tracks and I instantly needed whatever I was touching. I’m a sucker for scarves, and once the sales girl wrapped me up in it no less then 10 ways I was sold. As soon as I got home I watched the recommended YouTube video and practiced the art of Vinyasa Scarf origami. Basically, I haven’t taken the thing off since I got it. Please my friends, do yourself a favor and snag yourself one of these oh-so-soft and versatile scarves.

Happy travels to you!    


  1. I knitted myself an infinity scarf, and I have an infinity headwrap (okay, practically all headbands are infinity headbands but this is like... different. idk how to explain it). I am very intrigued by this one! Dubai stupidly doesn't have a Lululemon store... it should though because people are flippin rich here and I always see people wearing lululemon things when they work out.

    1. Alisa- I have always envious of your craftiness! I really like this scarf because it is made out of the Rulu fabric (moisture wicking, warm, technical fabric) which is makes it easy to throw in the wash. The powers of the internet will bring lulu closer to Dubai. :)