The Finish Line.

It does not matter how many times she snags the crown. The win is
just as sweet as the first for 4x Ironman World Champion, Mirinda Carfrae.

They say ignorance is bliss. Kona rookie Jan Frodeno is elated with 3rd place. 

The hardest fought battles are rarely at the front of the race.
18th place finisher Jeremy Jurkiewicz grabs a hand from Marko Albert. 

The energy of the finish line gave Nils Frommhold one last kick. 

 Daniela Ryf showed her competitors that the fastest way to
 the finish line is to race with a full heart. 

There is no hiding your emotions from the camera at the finish line of an Ironman. You have just tried to control every thought and feeling for 140.6 miles, and now you can finally let go. It’s easy to see the joy, relief, disappointment and pride in the eyes of each competitor as they step through the finishing arch. Tears flow like Coca-Cola at the mile 20 aid station, and sweaty hugs are exchanged by perfect strangers. The love for life echoes off the barricades lining the finishing chute as each athlete is welcomed home. 

The finish line is what it is all about. 

Those 30 seconds of unadulterated glory before you collapse into a pile of cramping muscles and beg someone for a cheese burger. 

All images from Slowtwitch


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